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Film, Television, and the Begats (How One Media Franchise Gives Rise to Another)

In the Beginning, There Was Twilight (Well, not “the beginning,” exactly, but you get the drift) A few years back, a little novel called Twilight burst on the scene, capturing the undivided attention of millions of thirteen year old girls and thirteen year old girls at heart. At Comic-Con, a screening of the film adaptation—hosted […]

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First Light – Chapter 2

Prilya blinked against the mid-morning sun. Even when filtered through dense sheaves of greenery, sunshine in the High Wright Pierce stung like a footman’s dart. She stood astride a dirt path that wound eastward—a dusty, gray-brown intruder skulking beneath verdant boughs. Cypress and baobab clustered around her, and sparrow hawks chirped overhead. A-ye-ch-chi. A-ye-ch-chi. She […]

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