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First Light

First Light is Mage Wars fan fiction By Paul Toth Mage Wars is a product of Arcane Wonders, and was created by Bryan Pope.       Chapter One   Prilya had spent the last five minutes staring at dragons. Not the sort that pounced on maidens and spat fire—a lucky thing, since she was […]

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Deconstructing the Jeff Daniels “Newsroom” Rant

In the pilot of HBO’s The Newsroom, Will McAvoy—a character played by Jeff Daniels—embarks a wide-ranging rant. The monologue is triggered by a doe eyed twenty-something’s assumption that America is the greatest country in the world. McAvoy tears into her in front of a packed lecture hall, making it clear that he considers her a […]

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Children of a Lesser Blog

Or: Secrets of Blog Promotion Everyone but Me May Have Learned Long Ago This is an article about the things we writers do to promote ourselves, our books, and books-yet-to-be. More specifically, it’s about using social media to promote the blogs of “developing” authors. What do I mean by “developing?” It’s simple: the world of […]

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